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Dark Threads

Dark Threads

The ULTIMATE Manipulation & Dark Psychology (eBook)

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📚 What is Dark Threads? 

Dark Threads is an extremely powerful eBook that uncovers the secrets of dark psychology and manipulation. You will learn the secret tactics that real world manipulators use to influence and control what you think and do. This will allow you to regain autonomy over your thinking and decision making.

🧠 What Can I Expect? 

1. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of dark psychology.

2. Dark Threads then covers the most influential and commonly used dark psychology/manipulation techniques. You will be guided through how each technique works, why manipulators use these techniques, real world examples of each, and how you can defend against them.

3. The guide will then dive deeper into how dark psychology is used in everyday life and how to protect yourself in the future for manipulation.

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How will I get the eBook?

The eBook will be instantly downloadable once purchased. A copy will also be sent to your email for later downloads

What Format is Dark Threads

eBook is available in PDF. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, e-readers and computers.

How big is the eBook?

Dark Threads is 62 pages long and is only a 534kb download!